Botanicum: Welcome to the Museum

Botanicum: Welcome to the Museum Author Kathy Willis
ISBN-10 0763689238
ISBN-13 9780763689230
Year 2017-03-14
Pages 112
Language English
Publisher Big Picture Press
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Discover more than 160 exhibits in this virtual museum open all hours The 2017 offering from Big Picture Press s Welcome to the Museum series Botanicum is a brilliantly curated guide to plant life With artwork from Katie Scott of Animalium fame Botanicum gives readers the experience of a fascinating exhibition from the pages of a beautiful book From perennials to bulbs to tropical exotica Botanicum is a wonderful feast of botanical knowledge complete with superb cross sections of how plants work

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10 Anniversary Update Author Paul McFedries
ISBN-10 1119311187
ISBN-13 9781119311188
Year 2016-08-22
Pages 352
Language English
Publisher Visual
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The ultimate visual learner s guide to Windows 10 Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the quick and easy way to get up and running with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Update From setting up to shutting down and everything in between this book guides you through everything you need to know to start working with Windows 10 Learn how to customize Widows 10 pin an app to the Start menu work with files and digital media customize the interface optimize performance set up email go online and so much more Two page spreads detailed instruction and expert content walk you through more than 150 Windows tasks Coverage includes the Windows 10 release along with the newest features of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update This is your visual guide to learning what you can do with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Anniversary Update Find your way around Windows 10 with full color screen shots Install programs set up user accounts play music and videos and more Learn basic maintenance that keeps your system running smoothly Set up password protection and troubleshoot basic issues quickly

Colonel Roosevelt

Colonel Roosevelt Author Edmund Morris
ISBN-10 0375757074
ISBN-13 9780375757075
Year 2011-10-18
Pages 784
Language English
Publisher Random House Trade Paperbacks
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This biography by Edmund Morris the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Awardwinning author of The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and Theodore Rex marks the completion of a trilogy sure to stand as definitive Of all our great presidents Theodore Roosevelt is the only one whose greatness increased out of office What other president has written forty books hunted lions founded a third political party survived an assassins bullet and explored an unknown river longer than the Rhine Packed with more adventure variety drama humor and tragedy than a big novel yet documented down to the smallest fact this masterwork recounts the last decade of perhaps the most amazing life in American history

Birds, Nests & Eggs (Take Along Guides)

Birds, Nests & Eggs (Take Along Guides) Author Mel Boring
ISBN-10 155971624X
ISBN-13 9781559716246
Year 1998-01-01
Pages 48
Language English
Publisher Cooper Square Publishing Llc
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A fun informative take along guide that will help children identify 15 birds Kid will also learn how and where birds build their homes and all about their young Plus the guide features activities that are fun and easy to do There s also a seven page scrapbook for drawings and notes Invites young naturalists to spot wildlife Safety tips are provided and interesting activities are sugested Color illustrations enhance the presentation HORN BOOKS Tracks Scats and Signs

Infinity War

Infinity War Author Jim Starlin
ISBN-10 0785121056
ISBN-13 9780785121053
Year 2006-04-05
Pages 400
Language English
Publisher Marvel
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After Adam Warlock s return in Infinity Gauntlet his worse half Magus wasn t far behind The struggle for ultimate power over the universe continues when a stockpile of evil twins overwhelms the Fantastic Four Avengers X Men and more Will the universe be saved destroyed or both

The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories Author Ken Liu
ISBN-10 148142436X
ISBN-13 9781481424363
Year 2016-10-04
Pages 464
Language English
Publisher Saga Press
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Bestselling author Ken Liu selects his multiple award winning stories for a groundbreaking collectionincluding a brand new piece exclusive to this volume With his debut novel The Grace of Kings taking the literary world by storm Ken Liu now shares his finest short fiction in The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories This mesmerizing collection features many of Kens award winning and award finalist stories including The Man Who Ended History A Documentary Finalist for the Hugo Nebula and Theodore Sturgeon Awards Mono No Aware Hugo Award winner The Waves Nebula Award finalist The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species Nebula and Sturgeon Award finalists All the Flavors Nebula Award finalist The Litigation Master and the Monkey King Nebula Award finalist and the most awarded story in the genres history The Paper Menagerie The only story to win the Hugo Nebula and World Fantasy awards Insightful and stunning stories that plumb the struggle against history and betrayal of relationships in pivotal moments this collection showcases one of our greatest and original voices

Healthy Japanese Cooking: Simple Recipes for a Long Life, the Shoku-Iku Way

Healthy Japanese Cooking: Simple Recipes for a Long Life, the Shoku-Iku Way Author Makiko Sano
ISBN-10 1849496692
ISBN-13 9781849496698
Year 2015-09-01
Pages 128
Language English
Publisher Quadrille Publishing
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Shoku Iku is the way that Japanese people are taught about healthy food This book reveals the secrets to how the Japanese stay so healthy in easy to follow principles so you too can learn to eat mindfully the Shoku Iku way Each of the five recipe chapters centers on one cooking method steaming or microwaving grilling simmering no cook and sushi The seventy brand new simple recipes are largely gluten and dairy free and the clear and graphic illustrated spreads show you how to choose which vegetables fish or grains to eat in order to optimize your health and help with specific ailments

The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2016

The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2016 Author Amy Stewart
ISBN-10 0544748999
ISBN-13 9780544748996
Year 2016-10-04
Pages 320
Language English
Publisher Mariner Books
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Science writers get into the game with all kinds of noble high minded ambitions We want to educate To enlighten notes guest editor Amy Stewart in her introduction to The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2016 But at the end of the day were all writers Were here to play for the folks The writers in this anthology brought us the years highest notes in the genre From a Pulitzer Prizewinning essay on the earthquake that could decimate the Pacific Northwest to the astonishing work of investigative journalism that transformed the nail salon industry this is a collection of hard hitting and beautifully composed writing on the wonders dangers and oddities of scientific innovation and our natural world The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2016 includes Kathryn Schulz Sarah Maslin Nir Charles C Mann Oliver Sacks Elizabeth Kolbert Gretel Ehrlich and othersAmy Stewart guest editor is the award winning author of seven books including her acclaimed Kopp Sisters novels and the bestsellers The Drunken Botanist and Wicked Plants She and her husband live in Eureka California where they own a bookstore called Eureka Books Tim Folger series editor is a contributing editor at Discover and writes about science for several magazines He lives in Gallup New Mexico

Criminal Procedure Stories: An In-Depth Look at Leading Criminal Procedure Cases (Law Stories)

Criminal Procedure Stories: An In-Depth Look at Leading Criminal Procedure Cases (Law Stories) Author Carol Steiker
ISBN-10 1587789833
ISBN-13 9781587789830
Year 2006-04-20
Pages 515
Language English
Publisher Foundation Press
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Unlike casebooks this title goes with greater detail into the human stories and the social political and legal contexts of the big Supreme Court cases regarding criminal justice It unearths details not available anywhere else In addition to great narrative enrichment it provides the provocative thoughts of highly respected scholars who are each experts on the particular cases they address This book will greatly enhance the teaching of both police practices a k a Cops and Robbers and criminal adjudication a k a Bail to Jail by providing both important context not available in any casebook and by offering the insights of some of the scholars who have thought the most deeply about these cases and issues


Author Mark Steyn (editor)
ISBN-10 0986398330
ISBN-13 9780986398339
Year 2015-09-01
Pages 320
Language English
Publisher Stockade Books
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The hockey stick graph of global temperatures is the single most influential icon in the global warming debate promoted by the UN s transnational climate bureaucracy featured in Al Gore s Oscar winning movie used by governments around the world to sell the Kyoto Accord to their citizens and shown to impressionable schoolchildren from kindergarten to graduation And yet what it purports to prove is disputed and denied by many of the world s most eminent scientists In this riveting book Mark Steyn has compiled the thoughts of the world s scientists in their own words on hockey stick creator Michael E Mann his stick and their damage to science From Canada to Finland Scotland to China Belgium to New Zealand from venerable Nobel Laureates to energetic young researchers on all sides of the debate analyze the hockey stock and the wider climate wars it helped launch