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site on site is a site-specific art project originated in 2002, “Day in the Arts District”, which was the first annual cultural arts event in Downtown Las Vegas. The city of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs accepted Markus Tracy’s proposal to paint five text messages at specific locations throughout the Las Vegas Downtown Arts District. Along with the painted text message, Markus designed a map to engage his viewers with an artist statement and location of each text message.

Each text message represents a title that provokes reflection/thought of its immediate environment. Times New Roman font was used to contrive a kind of advertisement; typical to book typography or mass-market paperbacks such newspapers and/or magazines.  A red circle is painted before each text message (similar to a bullet point) offering another reference point or location for viewers to observe the text message in relation to the surrounding environment.  This kind of mapping serves as a signifier prompting the viewer to ponder the personal, cultural, social, political, and environmental landscape.

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