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In 2012, "site on site" has been resurrected to reflect the Winchester community, which stretches from Boulder Highway north to Industrial Road.  Support and recognition came from The Friends of Winchester Public Art Committee, Vegas Valley Book Festival, and the Nevada Arts Council.  Five sites were chosen but this time, Markus Tracy collaborated with Dorian Gomez, resident artist for the Erotic Heritage  Museum; Scott Dickensheets, writer and editor for Las Vegas CityLife; Brian Larsh and his third-grade students from Will Beckley Elementary School; and Hektor Esparza, CEO and president of Push Forward Youth Culture for At-Risk Youth, and his skaters. 

Each text message provokes thought/reflection about its immediate environment. Times New Roman font was used to contrive a kind of advertisement; as it's typical of book typography and is widely used in newspapers and magazines. A red circle is painted before each text (similar to a target or bulls-eye) offering another reference point or location for viewers to observe the text message in relation to the surrounding environment.  This kind of mapping serves as a signifier, prompting the viewer to reflect on the personal, cultural, social, and environmental landscape.

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