Capital Raising

Capital Raising Author Richard Wilson
ISBN-10 1537526626
Year 2017-01-01
Pages 102
Language en

Capital Raising is written to help those looking to consistently raise capital over time from investors without having to cold call them or slowly network through existing connections. In this text we provide a 5 step system to attract investors to your offering over time so they are wanting to get their foot in the door at your office instead of having to cold call potential investors endlessly with no response. While this book does discuss marketing material fundamentals, and top mistakes to avoid while raising capital its unique value is in the holistic evergreen approach to building up capital raising momentum in a way that adds genuine value and builds your firm's reputation over time. This capital raising system was developed based on author Richard C. Wilson's experience in raising over $250M in capital, building the Family Office Club community of over 1,000 family office investors, and now building up a single family office advisory business overseeing $4B in assets. The methods suggested in this book are what has led to that success and they have been tested over the course of Richard offering over 57 live events and speaking to over 25,000 professionals globally over the past 10 years. To learn more please visit

The Family Office Book

The Family Office Book Author Richard C. Wilson
ISBN-10 9781118233269
Year 2012-07-17
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Key strategies for running a family office for fund managers Understanding the basics of the family office industry is essential if you want to succeed in establishing a successful fund for a wealthy family. That's where The Family Office Book comes in. Outlining key strategies for family offices, from what a family office is to how the industry operates, and important global differences, the book is packed with interviews with experts from leading family offices. Providing readers with need-to-know tips and tools to succeed, The Family Office Book gives current and future practitioners everything they need to know about this popular segment of the financial industry. Includes investment criteria, presented as a roadmap showing how several family offices are allocating capita Outlines strategies for fund managers of all types, including mutual funds, real estate funds, private equity, and hedge funds on raising capital in this field Features interviews with the most famous and sought after family offices to give real-life examples of successful family offices in action A comprehensive and reliable resource, The Family Office Book details exactly how family offices are choosing investment managers and why, and how, to break into the industry.

Capital Attraction

Capital Attraction Author Matthew Burk
ISBN-10 1599325926
Year 2016-04-22
Pages 144
Language en

HOW TO ATTRACT MORE CAPITAL FOR YOUR SMALLBALANCE REAL ESTATE STRATEGYRaising capital for small balance real estate funds is not easy―but there are strategies, tactics and best practices you can and should follow. Matt Burk has written this book for small balance real estate (SBRE) entrepreneurs (and the high-net worth investors who invest with them) to share some of the important principles he has learned in his 25-year career in small balance real estate. His practical and timeless ideas can help you significantly improve the way you run your SBRE business and increase your chance of success in raising capital from investors.Capital Attraction will solidify your goals and strategies with proven and winning ideas for building your SBRE business, including:* How to structure a pooled investment fund* How to create and execute a strategic capital raise plan* Why you should treat your investors' money as if it were your own * The importance of maintaining high underwriting standards * Why effective communication with investors is vital* Grow your fund, your company―and your bottom line!Matt's techniques and guidance are essential tools for all small balance real estate entrepreneurs looking to improve their ability to attract more capital and grow a pooled investment fund. Find Matt on Twitter at @sbreguruMatt Burk is the foremost authority in the U.S. in the specialized field of non-institutional sized, small balance real estate (SBRE) asset based 506 Regulation D pooled investment funds. He has consulted and advised hundreds of SBRE entrepreneurs around the United States and actively works with them to help structure pooled real estate asset based funds. He is chief investment officer of Fairway's flagship funds and has raised several hundred million dollars from private investors throughout his small balance real estate career.

Raising Entrepreneurial Capital

Raising Entrepreneurial Capital Author John B. Vinturella
ISBN-10 9780124017283
Year 2013-01-16
Pages 360
Language en
Publisher Newnes

Raising Entrepreneurial Capital guides the reader through the stages of successfully financing a business. The book proceeds from a basic level of business knowledge, assuming that the reader understands simple financial statements, has selected a specific business, and knows how to write a business plan. It provides a broad summary of the subjects that people typically research, such as "How should your company position itself to attract private equity investment?" and "What steps can you take to improve your company's marketability?" Much has changed since the book was first published, and this second edition places effects of the global recession in the context of entrepreneurship, including the debt vs. equity decision, the options available to smaller businesses, and the considerations that lead to rapid growth, including venture capital, IPOs, angels, and incubators. Unlike other books of the genre, Raising Entrepreneurial Capital includes several chapters on worldwide variations in forms and availability of pre-seed capital, incubators, and the business plans they create, with case studies from Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim. Combines solid theory with a practitioner's experience and insights Case studies illustrate theory throughout the book Updated to reflect the realities of the global economic recession

Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur

Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur Author Dermot Berkery
ISBN-10 9780071595605
Year 2007-10-01
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher McGraw Hill Professional

Get the Funding You Need From Venture Capitalists and Turn Your New Business Proposal into Reality Authoritative and comprehensive, Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur is an all-in-one sourcebook for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital from investors. This expert resource contains an unsurpassed analysis of the venture capital process, together with the guidance and strategies you need to make the best possible deal_and ensure the success of your business. Written by a leading international venture capitalist, this business-building resource explores the basics of the venture capital method, strategies for raising capital, methods of valuing the early-stage venture, and techniques for negotiating the deal. Filled with case studies, charts, and exercises, Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur explains: How to develop a financing map How to determine the amount of capital to raise and what to spend it on How to create a winning business plan How to agree on a term sheet with a venture capitalist How to split the rewards How to allocate control between founders/management and investors

Private Participation in Infrastructure in China

Private Participation in Infrastructure in China Author Michel Bellier
ISBN-10 0821354396
Year 2003
Pages 141
Language en
Publisher World Bank Publications

Since the late 1970s China has made extensive policy reforms and infrastructure investments. Although there have been significant investments made over the past decades, most of these investments came from the public sector. The goal of this report is to help improve China's approach to private participation in infrastructure focusing on roads, water and sanitation, and power generation by expanding foreign direct investment and domestic financing in such projects. It compares China's experience with those of other countries.

Principles of Real Estate Syndication

Principles of Real Estate Syndication Author Samuel K. Freshman
ISBN-10 9780982474655
Year 2014-07-07
Pages 712
Language en
Publisher BookBaby

50,000 copies of earlier editions of this book have been sold. This work is a "how to do it" book with definitive easy to understand thinking on real estate syndication theory and practice with excellent examples and illustrations which can be applied to any type of business enterprise including Entertainment, Oil and Gas, Timber, Agricultural, Manufacturing, Restaurant, Venture Capital, Import and Export, and all other kinds of industries. THE AUTHOR Samuel Freshman has long distinguished himself in the legal and real estate field. He is a past Chairman of the Legal and Accounting Committee of the California Real Estate Association Syndication Division. He has lectured extensively on the subjects of real estate syndication, finance and law before Realty Boards, Bar Associations, CPA Societies, Colleges and Universities. Mr. Freshman assisted in the preparation of both the California Corporation and Real Estate Commissioner’s syndicate regulations. He is a partner in numerous real estate investments. He is a graduate of Stanford University and Stanford University Law School. In 1958 he founded and became the senior partner of a prestigious Los Angeles law firm. In 1962 Sam formed Standard Management Company which has sponsored hundreds of millions of dollars of investments in real estate projects throughout the U.S.A. An author of many Articles on Syndication and real estate, he has qualified numerous times as an expert witness on real estate and finance in both the federal and state courts. ‘Principles of Real Estate Syndication’ contains 22 chapters covering such vital matters as: What is Syndication?, Types of Syndications, Why Syndicate Interests are Purchased, Syndication Leverage, Syndication Risks and Responsibilities, Advantages and Disadvantages of Syndication, Syndication Motivation and Profit Formulas, Selecting What to Syndicate, Syndicating Cash to Loan, Syndicating for All Cash, How to Acquire Property, The Profits Agreement, Sources of property, How to prepare an agreement for Purchase and Sale of Property, Leverage Techniques, Selecting the Entity, Tax Considerations, Preparation of the Partnership Agreement, Licensing and Regulation of Syndication Activities, Finder's Fees and Brokerage Commissions, How to Market Syndicate Shares, and Providing Liquidity for Syndicate Interests. The work also contains extensive glossaries of real estate, entertainment, and oil and gas terms as well as an Appendix of applicable rules, regulations and forms.

The Six Secrets of Raising Capital

The Six Secrets of Raising Capital Author Bill Fisher
ISBN-10 9781626562400
Year 2014-09-29
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Based on Bill Fisher's master-class seminars-featured at The World Bank, The University of California, and Draper University-this book offers the kind of capital-raising street smarts that most entrepreneurs never tap into until it is too late. Fisher organizes the capital-raising process into six clear steps, and then breaks through the myths to reveal the triggers for success. For example, entrepreneurs are told that great business ideas get funded. Not true-great business stories get funded, and those stories all have a similar construction and shape, which can be learned. And yes, you.

Finance Development March 2007

Finance   Development  March 2007 Author
ISBN-10 9781455238491
Year 2007-03
Pages 60
Language en
Publisher International Monetary Fund

The Two Faces of Financial Globalization looks at the phenomenon of rising cross-border financial flows-credited with boosting growth in developing countries but also blamed for the emerging market crises of the late 1980s and 1990s. The lead article puts together a framework for analyzing studies about the costs and benefits of financial globalization. Other articles look at the worldwide allocation of capital, the role of finance in macroeconomic management, and changes in the investor base. Picture This illustrates the growth and direction of capital flows. One guest contributor describes India's capital account liberalization, and another looks at how participants in international finance can cope with a fluid financial landscape. People in Economics profiles Guillermo Calvo; Back to Basics explains the difference between the purchasing power parity exchange rate and market exchange rates as measures of global economic growth; and Country Focus spotlights Australia.

Angel Financing

Angel Financing Author Gerald A. Benjamin
ISBN-10 0471350850
Year 2000
Pages 307
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

"Whether you are a dreamer, dream maker, or providing services to either, Angel Financing is the ultimate practical reference guide to add to your professional business development library."--BOOK JACKET.

The Hedge Fund Book

The Hedge Fund Book Author Richard C. Wilson
ISBN-10 0470520639
Year 2010-06-08
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Wiley

An accessible guide to effectively operating in the hedge fund arena Hedge funds are now in the news more than a thousand times a day and yet it is hard to find clear, factual information about how they operate, raise capital, and invest. The Hedge Fund Book provides real-world case studies of various hedge fund managers providing a solid foundation in specialized hedge fund knowledge for both financial professionals and those aspiring to enter this field. It provides an analysis of funds within different phases of their life cycles and investment processes, and examines each cycle in ways that would be informational for marketers as well as investors, bankers, and financial professionals who would like to learn more about day-to-day hedge fund operations Addresses everything you need to know about this popular segment of the financial industry within a case study format Each chapter contains several types of investment and situational analyses, insights and best practices along with a review and "test your knowledge section" Written by a successful hedge fund consultant and head of one of the largest hedge fund networking groups in the industry with more than 30,000 members This book is required reading for participants within the hedge fund industry's leading designation program, the CHP Designation If you're looking to gain a better understanding of hedge funds, look no further than The Hedge Fund Book.