Dinosaurs A Very Short Introduction

Dinosaurs  A Very Short Introduction Author David Norman
ISBN-10 9780192804198
Year 2005-07-28
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

This is the first accessible book to explain the most recent findings in dinosaur reasearch. It tells the story behind the exciting scientific discoveries that have built up a picture of how dinosaurs looked, what they ate, and how they moved and interacted with each other.

Dinosaurs for Kids

Dinosaurs for Kids Author Ken Ham
ISBN-10 9781614581680
Year 2009-10-01
Pages 64
Language en
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group

Peek inside a dinosaur egg, discover what dinosaurs really ate, and learn how dinosaur tracks are made - all in this awesomely illustrated book! Dinosaurs for Kids shares the unique world of dinosaurs and their true history like never before as you: meet the most unusual creatures to ever walk the earth, stalk the seas, or soar across the sky! discover how dinosaur bonebeds are made, and other kinds of fossils beyond just bones! learn the truth behind museum exhibits and flawed evolutionary timelines! Within these pages kids will uncover the facts about dinosaur history from the Creation to recent discoveries. Let Ken Ham take you on a journey through time to explore these awesome wonders of God's design. From where dinosaurs lived to what scientists assume they know about these great creatures, dinosaurs have never been this exciting, revealing and simply amazing! The 7 Fs of dinosaur history: formed, fearless, fallen, flood, faded, found, fiction.

About Dinosaurs

About Dinosaurs Author Sindy McKay
ISBN-10 1891327542
Year 2004
Pages 40
Language en
Publisher Treasure Bay, Inc.

Basic facts about dinosaurs are presented in a format designed to be read together by both parent and child.


Dinosaurs Author Spencer G. Lucas
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032155759
Year 1994
Pages 290
Language en
Publisher WCB/McGraw-Hill

This text is intended for a one-quarter or one-semester introductory course on dinosaurs. Dinosaurs: The Textbook is a monument to our present understanding of these wonderful creatures. It is a book that will take the student on a journey through nearly every aspect of dinosaur biology, geology, and the history of their discovery. It is a text that presents facts together with current ideas, notions, and controversies. Dr. Lucas presents dinosaurs as successful, living creatures that were merely different in appearance from animals living today. Dr. Lucas has written a comprehensive book that is easily read and understood by students with little scientific background - a book that teaches students not only how to use scientific methods, but how to synthesize data to create their own ideas. In contrast with many dinosaur books from the past, Dr. Lucas, although indicating his own views, allows students the opportunity to think for themselves.

Dinosaurs in Fantastic Fiction

Dinosaurs in Fantastic Fiction Author Allen A. Debus
ISBN-10 9780786426720
Year 2006
Pages 220
Language en
Publisher McFarland

"This literary survey examines how paleoliterature originated, developed and matured from its inception to the present day. It follows trends on the crafting of classic dinosaurs, investigating the figurative and metaphoric meaning of fictional dinosaursand related prehistoria. An appendix provides brief summaries of deserving dinosaur texts, organized alphabetically by author. "--Provided by publisher.


Dinosaurs Author David E. Fastovsky
ISBN-10 9781107276468
Year 2012-08-27
Pages 425
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

Updated with the material that instructors want, Dinosaurs continues to make science exciting and understandable to non-science majors through its narrative of scientific concepts rather than endless facts. It now contains new material on pterosaurs, an expanded section on the evolution of the dinosaurs and new photographs to help students engage with geology, natural history and evolution. The authors ground the text in the language of modern evolutionary biology, phylogenetic systematics, and teach students to examine the paleontology of dinosaurs exactly as the professionals in the field do using these methods to reconstruct dinosaur relationships. Beautifully illustrated, lively and engaging, this edition continues to encourage students to ask questions and assess data critically, enabling them to think like a scientist.

In the Shadow of the Dinosaurs

In the Shadow of the Dinosaurs Author Nicholas C. Fraser
ISBN-10 0521458994
Year 1997-08-28
Pages 435
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

This book on the small vertebrates of the early Mesozoic features contributions by internationally renowned experts.

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs Author Philip J. Currie
ISBN-10 9780080494746
Year 1997-10-06
Pages 869
Language en
Publisher Academic Press

This book is the most authoritative encyclopedia ever prepared on dinosaurs and dinosaur science. In addition to entries on specific animals such as Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Velociraptor, the Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs covers reproduction, behavior, physiology, and extinction. The book is generously illustrated with many detailed drawings and photographs, and includes color pictures and illustrations that feature interpretations of the best known and most important animals. All alphabetical entries are cross-referenced internally, as well as at the end of each entry. The Encyclopedia includes up-to-date references that encourage the reader to investigate personal interests. Key Features * The most authoritative encyclopedia ever prepared on dinosaurs * Includes many detailed drawings, photographs and illustrations in both color and black-and-white * Contains comprehensively cross-referenced alphabetical entries with internal references, as well as references at the conclusion of each entry * Provides in-depth references, allowing readers to pursue independent interests * Includes sixteen plates and 35 color illustrations

Gideon Mantell and the Discovery of Dinosaurs

Gideon Mantell and the Discovery of Dinosaurs Author Dennis R. Dean
ISBN-10 0521420482
Year 1999-01-13
Pages 290
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

Gideon Mantell and the Discovery of Dinosaurs is a scholarly yet accessible biography--the first in a generation--of a pioneering dinosaur hunter and scholar. Gideon Mantell discovered the Iguanodon (a famous tale set right in this book) and several other dinosaur species, spent over twenty-five years restoring Iguanodon fossils, and helped establish the idea of an Age of Reptiles that ended with their extinction at the conclusion of the Mesozoic Era. He had significant interaction with such well-known figures as James Parkinson, Georges Cuvier, Charles Lyell, Roderick Murchison, Charles Darwin, and Richard Owen. Dennis Dean, a well-known scholar of geology and the Victorian era, here places Mantell's career in its cultural context, employing original research in archives throughout the world, including the previously unexamined Mantell family papers in New Zealand.

The Complete Dinosaur

The Complete Dinosaur Author Michael K. Brett-Surman
ISBN-10 9780253008497
Year 2012-06-27
Pages 1128
Language en
Publisher Indiana University Press

Praise for the first edition: "A gift to serious dinosaur enthusiasts" —Science "The amount of information in [these] pages is amazing. This book should be on the shelves of dinosaur freaks as well as those who need to know more about the paleobiology of extinct animals. It will be an invaluable library reference." —American Reference Books Annual "An excellent encyclopedia that serves as a nice bridge between popular and scholarly dinosaur literature." —Library Journal (starred review) "Copiously illustrated and scrupulously up-to-date... the book reveals dinos through the fractious fields that make a study of them." —Publishers Weekly "Stimulating armchair company for cold winter evenings.... Best of all, the book treats dinosaurs as intellectual fun." —New Scientist "The book is useful both as a reference and as a browse-and-enjoy compendium." —Natural History What do we know about dinosaurs, and how do we know it? How did dinosaurs grow, move, eat, and reproduce? Were they warm-blooded or cold-blooded? How intelligent were they? How are the various groups of dinosaurs related to each other, and to other kinds of living and extinct vertebrates? What can the study of dinosaurs tell us about the process of evolution? And why did typical dinosaurs become extinct? All of these questions, and more, are addressed in the new, expanded, second edition of The Complete Dinosaur. Written by many of the world's leading experts on the "fearfully great" reptiles, the book’s 45 chapters cover what we have learned about dinosaurs, from the earliest discoveries of dinosaurs to the most recent controversies. Where scientific contention exists, the editors have let the experts agree to disagree. Copiously illustrated and accessible to all readers from the enthusiastic amateur to the most learned professional paleontologist, The Complete Dinosaur is a feast for serious dinosaur lovers everywhere.

Dinosaurs of the Air

Dinosaurs of the Air Author Gregory S. Paul
ISBN-10 0801867630
Year 2002-04-01
Pages 460
Language en
Publisher JHU Press

"If you want to dig seriously into one of today's most fascinating evolutionary debates, and aren't afraid of anatomy, you'll delight in Dinosaurs of the Air." -- New Scientist