Negotiation Author Roy J. Lewicki
ISBN-10 0071244603
Year 2006
Pages 597
Language en

Explores the major concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation, and the dynamics of interpersonal and intergroup conflict and its resolution. This text is relevant to a broad spectrum of management students, not only human resource management or industrial relations candidates.

Essentials of Negotiation

Essentials of Negotiation Author Roy J. Lewicki
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822025422411
Year 1997
Pages 273
Language en
Publisher Irwin Professional Publishing

This text explores the major concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation, and the dynamics of interpersonal and intergroup conflict and its resolution. The material is designed to be relevant to the broad spectrum of bargaining problems traditionally faced by managers. It includes coverage of negotiation theory.


Negotiation Author Roy Lewicki
ISBN-10 9781259192029
Year 2014-09-09
Pages 736
Language en
Publisher McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Negotiation is a critical skill needed for effective management. Negotiation: Readings, Exercises, and Cases 7e by Roy J. Lewicki, Bruce Barry, and David M. Saunders takes an experiential approach and explores the major concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation and the dynamics of interpersonal and inter-group conflict and its resolution. It is relevant to a broad spectrum of management students, not only human resource management or industrial relations candidates. The Readings portion of the book is ordered into seven sections: (1) Negotiation Fundamentals, (2) Negotiation Subprocesses, (3) Negotiation Contexts, (4) Individual Differences, (5) Negotiation across Cultures, (6) Resolving Differences, and (7) Summary. The next section of the book presents a collection of role-play exercises, cases, and self-assessment questionnaires that can be used to teach negotiation processes and subprocesses.

Negotiating Rationally

Negotiating Rationally Author Max H. Bazerman
ISBN-10 9781439106839
Year 1994-01-01
Pages 196
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

In Negotiating Rationally, Max Bazerman and Margaret Neale explain how to avoid the pitfalls of irrationality and gain the upper hand in negotiations. For example, managers tend to be overconfident, to recklessly escalate previous commitments, and fail to consider the tactics of the other party. Drawing on their research, the authors show how we are prisoners of our own assumptions. They identify strategies to avoid these pitfalls in negotiating by concentrating on opponents’ behavior and developing the ability to recognize individual limitations and biases. They explain how to think rationally about the choice of reaching an agreement versus reaching an impasse. A must read for business professionals.

Negotiations in the Indigenous World

Negotiations in the Indigenous World Author Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh
ISBN-10 9781317511540
Year 2015-09-30
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Negotiated agreements play a critical role in setting the conditions under which resource development occurs on Indigenous land. Our understanding of what determines the outcomes of negotiations between Indigenous peoples and commercial interests is very limited. With over two decades experience with Indigenous organisations and communities, Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh's book offers the first systematic analysis of agreement outcomes and the factors that shape them, based on evaluative criteria developed especially for this study; on an analysis of 45 negotiations between Aboriginal peoples and mining companies across all of Australia's major resource-producing regions; and on detailed case studies of four negotiations in Australia and Canada.

Essentials of Business Analytics

Essentials of Business Analytics Author Jeffrey D. Camm
ISBN-10 9781305627734
Year 2016-03-24
Pages 896
Language en
Publisher Cengage Learning

ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS ANALYTICS, 2e can be used by students who have previously taken a course on basic statistical methods as well as students who have not had a prior course in statistics. The expanded material in the second edition of Essentials of Business Analytics also makes it amenable to a two-course sequence in business statistics and analytics. All statistical concepts contained in this textbook are presented from a business analytics perspective using practical business examples. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Negotiation Excellence

Negotiation Excellence Author Michael Benoliel
ISBN-10 9789814556965
Year 2014-09-16
Pages 536
Language en
Publisher World Scientific

Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making is written by leading negotiation experts from top-rated universities in the US and in Asia and its objective is to introduce readers to the theory and best practices of effective negotiation. The book includes chapters ranging from: preparing and planning for successful negotiations; building relationships and establishing trust between negotiators; negotiating creatively to create mutual value and win-win situations; understanding and dealing with negotiators from different cultures; to managing ethical dilemmas. In addition to emphasizing the link between theory and practice, the book includes deal examples such as: Renault–Nissan alliance; mega-merger between Arcelor and Mittal Steel; Kraft Foods' acquisition of Cadbury PLC, Walt Disney Company's negotiation with the Hong Kong government; and Komatsu, a Japanese firm's negotiation with Dresser, an American firm. Following the success of the first edition, the second edition re-emphasizes the spirit of linking theory to practice with two new chapters on emotions in negotiation and the Indian negotiation style. Contents:Introduction: Adding Value through NegotiationPlanning and Preparation for Effective Negotiation (Meina Liu and Sabine Chai)Setting (and Choosing) the Table: The Influence of the Physical Environment in Negotiation (Graham Brown)Negotiation Approaches: Claiming and Creating Value (Jill M Purdy)Creativity in Negotiations (Joachim Hüffmeier and Guido Hertel)Social Capital in Negotiation: Leveraging the Power of Relational Wealth (Ariel C Avgar and Eun Kyung Lee)Trust Building, Diagnosis, and Repair in the Context of Negotiation (Donald L Ferrin, Dejun Tony Kong and Kurt T Dirks)Power and Influence in Negotiations (Min Li and Julie Sadler)Power and Influence in Sales Negotiation (Ababacar Mbengue, Joël Sohier and Patrice Cottet)Negotiation Strategy (Brosh M Teucher)Personality and Negotiation (Alice F Stuhlmacher and Christopher K Adair)Judgment Bias and Decision Making in Negotiation (William P Bottom, Dejun Tony Kong and Alexandra A Mislin)The Role of Gender in Negotiation (E Layne Paddock and Laura J Kray)Mindfully Managing Emotions and Resolving Paradoxes in the Context of Negotiations (Shirli Kopelman, Ramaswami Mahalingam and Ilan Gewurz)Physiology in Negotiations (Smrithi Prasad and Jayanth Narayanan)Understanding Negotiation Ethics (Kelvin Pang and Cynthia S Wang)Navigating International Negotiations: A Communications and Social Interaction Style (CSIS) Framework (Nancy R Buchan, Wendi L Adair and Xiao-Ping Chen)Building Intercultural Trust at the Negotiating Table (Sujin Jang and Roy Chua)Indian Negotiation Style: A Cultural Perspective (Michael Benoliel and Amrit Kaur)Negotiating the Renault–Nissan Alliance: Insights from Renault's Experience (Stephen E Weiss)The Arcelor and Mittal Steel Merger Negotiations (Gregor Halff)The Emotional Underbelly of Collaboration: When Politics Collide with Need (Daniel L Shapiro)The Role of Negotiation in Building Intra-Team and Inter-Team Cooperation (Helena Desivilya-Syna)The Role of Communication Media in Negotiations (Shira Mor and Alexandra Suppes)Negotiation via (the New) Email (Noam Ebner) Readership: Students, researchers and entrepreneurs who are interested in the topics of negotiation and persuasion. Keywords:Negotiation;Persuasion;Trust Building;Judgment Bias;Decision Making;Renault–Nissan Alliance;Arcelor and Mittal Steel Merger;Kraft Foods;Cadbury PLC;Walt Disney;Komatsu;DresserKey Features: Written by leading negotiation experts from top-rated universities in the US and in Asia Introduces readers to the theory and best practices of effective negotiation Includes case studies of significant mergers and acquisitions

Managing E commerce and Mobile Computing Technologies

Managing E commerce and Mobile Computing Technologies Author Julie R. Mariga
ISBN-10 1931777462
Year 2003-01-01
Pages 293
Language en
Publisher IGI Global

"Examining the challenges and limitations involved in implementing and using e-commerce technologies, this guide describes how these technologies have been very instrumental to many organizations around the globe. Discussed is how, through the use of electronic commerce, organizations of all sizes and types are able to conduct business without worrying about the territorial market limitations of the past. Additionally, how mobile commerce technologies are further enabling such organizations to communicate more effectively is reviewed. Also covered are the potential for a B2B marketplace, deploying Java mobile agents, and e-business experiences with online auctions."

The Technology Management Handbook

The Technology Management Handbook Author Richard C. Dorf
ISBN-10 0849385776
Year 1998-07-27
Pages 1184
Language en
Publisher CRC Press

If you are not already in a management position, chances are you soon will be. According to the Bureau of Statistics, the fastest growing areas of employment for engineers are in engineering/science management. With over 200 contributing authors, The Technology Management Handbook informs and assists the more than 1.5 million engineering managers in the practice of technical management. Written from the technical manager's perspective and written for technologists who are managers, The Technology Management Handbook presents in-depth information on the science and practice of management. Its comprehensive coverage encompasses the field of technology management, offering information on: Entrepreneurship Innovations Economics Marketing Product Development Manufacturing Finance Accounting Project Management Human Resources International Business

International Negotiation

International Negotiation Author Ho-Won Jeong
ISBN-10 9781316432068
Year 2016-04-07
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

Negotiation has always been an important alternative to the use of force in managing international disputes. This textbook provides students with the insight and knowledge needed to evaluate how negotiation can produce effective conflict settlement, political change and international policy making. Students are guided through the processes by which actors make decisions, communicate, develop bargaining strategies and explore compatibilities between different positions, while attempting to maximize their own interests. In examining the basic ingredients of negotiation, the book draws together major strands of negotiation theories and illustrates their relevance to particular negotiation contexts. Examples of well-known international conflicts and illustrations of everyday situations lead students to understand how theory is utilized to resolve real-world problems, and how negotiation is applied to diverse world events. The textbook is accompanied by a rich suite of online resources, including lecture notes, case studies, discussion questions and suggestions for further reading.

Managing Workplace Conflict

Managing Workplace Conflict Author Bernadine Van Gramberg
ISBN-10 1862875774
Year 2006-01
Pages 236
Language en
Publisher Federation Press

Managing Workplace Conflict critically analyses Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Australia. It is an ideal book for ADR and management consultants, legal practitioners, human resource managers and students of ADR.It includes coverage of:various ADR techniques and the roles played by ADR practitioners in workplace conflict;the need for workplace grievance policies and the forms these can take;the suitability of ADR for various types of disputes;three case studies where ADR was utilised in workplace conflict and the experiences of both the human resource consultant and their clientsand takes account of the new procedures in the Work Choices BillManaging Workplace Conflict is written against the background of a rapidly changing Australian labour market. It argues that ADR in the Australian workplace needs to be conducted with an understanding of the changed industrial relations environment and the power differences between key workplace stakeholders, as well as a commitment to ethical practice and workplace justice. It presents the key concepts central to the practice of ADR in Australia and provides a practical, useable reference book for both the professional and the student.

Leading and Managing People in the Dynamic Organization

Leading and Managing People in the Dynamic Organization Author Randal D. Day
ISBN-10 9781135629526
Year 2014-04-04
Pages 290
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

The current business environment requires that individuals, teams, and organizations are equipped to cope with an unpredictable marketplace and increasing competition. Organizations are forced to be kinetic, organic, and without boundaries if they are to remain successful. Given these environmental and marketplace demands, scholars must rethink the applicability of existing organizational theories and frameworks. In March 2001, a conference was held with the aim of developing and articulating this new model of organizations. Scholars contributed their expertise in areas, such as leadership, human resource management, negotiation and conflict, teams, entrepreneurship, organizational change, power and influence, and diversity. The contributors focused on their own area of expertise and considered how existing theories must be altered to fit a more agile, organizational form. Theoretical and empirical questions were raised, testable hypotheses were developed, and emerging themes were uncovered. The end result of the conference is this volume. It brings together the reflections of a diverse collection of organizational theorists and researchers on the implications of this new business model within their own areas of expertise. The book's goal is to inspire organizational scholars to develop a new theory and produce sound managerial advice for how to build and maintain a successful organization in a dynamic workplace. The chapters include a review of research literature with the highlights and citations that everybody working in a field must know, followed by how the research agenda is affected by the increasingly dynamic marketplace.

The Negotiation Toolkit

The Negotiation Toolkit Author Roger J. Volkema
ISBN-10 081448008X
Year 1999
Pages 207
Language en
Publisher AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn

"The Negotiation Toolkit" offers a fresh new approach to mastering the crucial skills of bargaining and negotiating. This hands-on workbook integrates questions and answers, self-assessments, mini-surveys, feedback measures, and action challenges to help readers build personal confidence and negotiating prowess. 208 p.