My Jesus Your Jesus

My Jesus  Your Jesus Author Beverly Rose
ISBN-10 9781629985275
Year 2016-07-05
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Charisma Media

"I wish I had what you have," people often remark after hearing me speak at Christian events. I usually inch my wheelchair closer, smile, and say, jokingly, "Do you mean a neuromuscular disease?" We laugh, but I'm left to wonder: How can I possibly explain that they already have what I have--but don't know it? --Dr. Beverly Rose In My Jesus, Your Jesus Dr. Beverly Rose shows readers how to reap the benefits of their God-given blessings. Employing wit, honest emotion, and tremendous spiritual wisdom, she shares powerful ways to overcome the daily obstacles, challenges, and trials of life by faith. In My Jesus, Your Jesus she introduces readers to the One she loves--a Jesus who is personal, accessible, and able to lift every one of us above our circumstances. Dr. Rose has penned an inspirational, courageous, and encouraging devotional that will enable readers to find hope, joy, and healing. As Dr. Rose puts it, "Whatever the malady, Jesus is the remedy."

Fulkrum Hope

Fulkrum   Hope Author Norm Skuld
ISBN-10 9781434912640
Year 2012-07-01
Pages 200
Language en
Publisher Dorrance Publishing

Do angels breed? The ¿fallen¿ did, and even the ¿chosen¿ in a time of need. Fulkrum-Hope by Norm Skuld tells the story of two such angels¿half-breeds that came into the world before the time of Christ and their journey after. This is an inspiring tale of siblings Brigadoon and Airakeen, two young Gibborim (half mortal, half angel), who came into this world with extraordinary powers. ¿Doon,¿ as he was called, became guardian to Jesus and watched as he grew into a man, many times protecting him behind the scenes. This is a glorious tale of the continuing battle between angels and demons that could well decide the fate of mankind at the end of the world.

Hope for Tough Times

Hope for Tough Times Author Mary J. Nelson
ISBN-10 9780800787813
Year 2009-12-01
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Revell

In ten weeks of readings, Mary J. Nelson, a breast cancer survivor, speaks compassionately to readers experiencing trials and helps them understand the purposes that suffering and testing can serve. Her clear Bible teaching is inspirational, and will encourage and bring new meaning to readers' lives.

Herald of Hope

Herald of Hope Author Paul Francis Spencer
ISBN-10 9781905965014
Year 2007-06
Pages 80
Language en
Publisher Ovada Books

What can someone who died over 100 years ago possibly say to us today? Saint Charles of Mount Argus died in Dublin in 1893. Can his life speak to people who live in a very different world? These relections on Charles' life and spirit attempt to allow him to dialogue with us, to share his sense of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Foundation Stone of Hope Everyone Has Purpose

Foundation Stone of Hope  Everyone Has Purpose Author Shirley Anne
ISBN-10 9781105708831
Year 2013-07-25
Pages 238
Language en

"A personal growth book that takes you on a transformational journey and shows you a different way of looking at the world, using insights about identity and purpose; personal stories; shifting perception; love and happiness; Christianity and faith; acceptance and understanding; criticism and feedback; fear, anger and bullying; emotions, hurt and healing; personal change; the power of one voice; and liberating dreams"--Back cover.

The One Year Book of Hope Devotional

The One Year Book of Hope Devotional Author Nancy Guthrie
ISBN-10 9781414336718
Year 2012-02-01
Pages 448
Language en
Publisher Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

This popular devotional is now in a special LeatherLike edition! In this life, pain and disappointment are real. Maybe you’ve been wounded by a family member or friend. Perhaps you know the pain of losing someone you love or of a difficult medical diagnosis. Sometimes we need to know there’s hope for when life just hurts. Nancy Guthrie knows what it’s like to hurt—sometimes so much that there aren’t words to describe the pain. In this beautiful deluxe edition of The One Year Book of Hope, she encourages you to spend this year learning to hope when life has let you down. She offers no trite answers or quick cures; just remarkable, hopeful daily insights from the depths of Scripture and her own experiences. This year, join Nancy each day in growing closer to God—the source of all comfort.

Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope Author Brian Simmons
ISBN-10 9781424550708
Year 2015-02-17
Pages 126
Language en
Publisher BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC

Prepare yourself to remember the meaning of Lent and celebrate Easter this season: grace for our past and present, hope for our future! Beginning with Ash Wednesday, Grace and Hope: A 40-Day Devotional for Lent and Easter will guide you through this holy season of self reflection, prayer, fasting, and remembrance—all to prepare you for the hopeful words, “It is finished!” and even more wondrous words, “He is risen!” Each short, engaging devotion will focus your heart and prepare your soul to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus, using a faithful and relevant new translation of the Bible, The Passion Translation. It is an ideal devotional for your own personal, family, or small-group use. And daily Bible readings from The Passion Translation will deepen your understanding of God’s Word as you journey toward the cross. May this devotional and version of Scripture kindle in you a burning, passionate desire for the One who bore our pain and shame, and give you a greater measure of grace and hope!

The City When It Rains

The City When It Rains Author Thomas H. Cook
ISBN-10 9781784083663
Year 2014-06-01
Pages 234
Language en
Publisher Head of Zeus

A photographer struggles to understand a stranger's suicide. There's nothing special about the woman's death. It comes over the police radio like any other sad story: a woman found on the sidewalk, killed after plunging from her apartment. But something about the gruesome scene grabs David Corman's attention. A freelance photographer with a defunct marriage and a career on the skids, he fixates on this mysterious death. Though near starvation, the woman had been buying formula to feed to a baby doll. Before she leapt, she tossed the plastic child out the window. David photographs the dead woman and her pretend child; although he's jaded, the strange scene stirs his compassion, and he begins researching her past. He's convinced that his job has shown him the worst the city has to offer. But learning the truth behind this futile suicide will teach David that New York is even uglier than he imagined.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus Author Stephen J. Binz
ISBN-10 1585955973
Year 2006-08-01
Pages 121
Language en
Publisher Twenty-Third Publications

The traditional devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is solidly rooted in Scripture and offers a rich source of spiritual renewal today. The human heart, the biblical symbol for the human will and passion, can become hardened. But God has promised to change our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. The heart of Jesus, pierced and flowing with living streams of blood and water, is a threshold inviting us into the experience of divine love. Discover how devotion to the Sacred Heart can be revitalized in our day through a spirituality that is biblical, ecumenical, and oriented toward the contemporary world.

Inspirations of Hope

Inspirations of Hope Author Jimmy R. Stevens
ISBN-10 9781524655563
Year 2016-12-17
Pages 226
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

Inspiration of Hope are special messages which were preached across the years by the author. His style of preaching and writing infuses the listening audience with hope and inspiration to serve the living God.

The Lost Sayings of Jesus

The Lost Sayings of Jesus Author Andrew Phillip Smith
ISBN-10 9781594731723
Year 2006
Pages 204
Language en
Publisher SkyLight Paths Publishing

A collection of more than two hundred sayings depicts Jesus as a wisdom teacher who speaks to people of all faiths as a mystic and spiritual master. Original.