New York State Atlas Gazetteer

New York State Atlas   Gazetteer Author DeLorme (Firm)
ISBN-10 0899332757
Year 2001-04-01
Pages 104
Language en
Publisher Delorme

A uniquely useful rseource, the Atlas & Gazetteer* Series is great for information on camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, bije an dmotorcycle touring, birdwatching, back road exploration, and more. A guide is available for all 50 American states.

Wyoming Atlas Gazetteer

Wyoming Atlas   Gazetteer Author DeLorme Mapping Company
ISBN-10 089933248X
Year 1992
Pages 72
Language en
Publisher Delorme Mapping Company

DeLorme's Atlas and Gazetteer Series is America's most popular line of recreational maps! Each atlas covers an individual state in its entirety with detailed, full-color topographic maps. Detail includes back roads, hidden lakes, boat ramps, hiking trails, campgrounds, public lands, forests, wetlands and more. And, the Gazetteer sections feature page after page of information on places to go and things to do. These atlases are year-round favorites with outdoors enthusiasts and anyone who likes to leave the main roads behind.

Florida Atlas and Gazetteer

Florida Atlas and Gazetteer Author DeLorme Publishing Company
ISBN-10 0899332765
Year 2000-01-01
Pages 127
Language en
Publisher Delorme Mapping Company

Perfectly suited for travel planning, navigation, and reference. The first choice of outdoors enthusiasts. Beautiful, detailed, large-format maps of every state. Perfect for home and office reference, and a must for all your vehicles. Gazetteer information may include: campgrounds, attractions, historic sites & museums, recreation areas, trails, freshwater fishing site & boat launches, canoe trips or scenic drives. Categories vary by state

The Story of Vermont

The Story of Vermont Author Christopher McGrory Klyza
ISBN-10 9781611684025
Year 2015-01-06
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher University Press of New England

In this second edition of their classic text, Klyza and Trombulak use the lens of interconnectedness to examine the geological, ecological, and cultural forces that came together to produce contemporary Vermont. They assess the changing landscape and its inhabitants from its pre-human evolution up to the present, with special focus on forests, open terrestrial habitats, and the aquatic environment. This edition features a new chapter covering from 1995 to 2013 and a thoroughly revised chapter on the futures of Vermont, which include discussions of Tropical Storm Irene, climate change, eco-regional planning, and the resurgence of interest in local food and energy production. Integrating key themes of ecological change into a historical narrative, this book imparts specific information about Vermont, speculates on its future, and fosters an appreciation of the complex synergy of forces that shaped this region. This volume will interest scholars, students, and Vermonters intrigued by the state's long-term natural and human history.

Atlas of the World

Atlas of the World Author Oxford University Press
ISBN-10 0190634286
Year 2016-09-15
Pages 448
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

The only world atlas updated annually, guaranteeing that users will find the most current geographic information, Oxford's Atlas of the World is the most authoritative atlas on the market. Full of crisp, clear cartography of urban areas and virtually uninhabited landscapes around the globe, the Atlas is filled with maps of cities and regions at carefully selected scales that give a striking view of the Earth's surface. It opens with a fascinating look at world statistics and 18 pages of stunning satellite images, all sourced from NASA's latest Earth Observation Satellite, Landsat 8. The extraordinarily extensive front matter continues with a "Gazetteer of Nations" that has been comprehensively checked and updated to include recent economic and political changes, and a 48-page "Introduction to World Geography," beautifully illustrated with tables and graphs on numerous topics of geographic significance, such as the geology and atmosphere of Earth, food and water supply, biodiversity, energy, global conflict, human health, and standards of living. The hundreds of city and world maps that form the body of the Atlas have been thoroughly updated for this 23rd edition. Providing the finest global coverage available, the Atlas of the World is not only the best-selling volume of its size and price, but also the benchmark by which all other atlases are measured.

Cities of the Classical World

Cities of the Classical World Author Colin McEvedy
ISBN-10 9780141967639
Year 2011-11-03
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher Penguin UK

From Alexandria to York, this unique illustrated guide allows us to see the great centres of classical civilization afresh. The key feature of Cities of the Classical World is 120 specially drawn maps tracing each city's thoroughfares and defences, monuments and places of worship. Every map is to the same scale, allowing readers for the first time to appreciate visually the relative sizes of Babylon and Paris, London and Constantinople. There is also a clear, incisive commentary on each city's development, strategic importance, rulers and ordinary inhabitants. This compelling and elegant atlas opens a new window on to the ancient world, and will transform the way we see it.

Upstate Cauldron

Upstate Cauldron Author Joscelyn Godwin
ISBN-10 9781438455952
Year 2015-03-06
Pages 386
Language en
Publisher SUNY Press

A guide to the phenomenal crop of prophets, cults, and utopian communities that arose in Upstate New York from 1776 to 1914. From 1776 to 1914, an amazing collection of prophets, mediums, sects, cults, utopian communities, and spiritual leaders arose in Upstate New York. Along with the best known of these, such as the Shakers, Mormons, and Spiritualists, this book explores more than forty other spiritual leaders or groups, some of them virtually unknown, but all of them fascinating. The author uncovers common threads that characterize these homegrown spiritualities, including roots in Western esoteric traditions, liberation from the psychological pressures of dogmatic Christianity, a preoccupation with sex, and involvement in the radical reform movements of the day. In addition to maps and photographs of surviving buildings and monuments, the book also features a gazetteer of sites listing 150 locations connected to these groups, which may be used as a helpful travel guide to the region. “The dean of alternative spiritual history produces one of his central and most thoughtful works in Upstate Cauldron. This book is more than a cauldron: It is a melting pot into which Joscelyn Godwin blends the diffuse and complex religious movements that once converged in Upstate New York to show how we became a modern civilization indelibly stamped by the experience of spiritual outsiders. This is both splendid history and a book of wonders in uncovering lost fragments of our world. Throw away your highlighter—because you won’t know where to stop.” — Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America: White House Séances, Ouija Circles, Masons, and the Secret Mystic History of Our Nation “What a fascinating book! Upstate Cauldron takes a refreshing and new look at the period of time when Upstate New York was the center of the Spiritualist movement in America. Joscelyn Godwin has written a book that is very difficult to put down, introducing us to the most wonderful and exotic individuals. People like Timothy Brown, who built one of the most intricate (and most photographed) homes in Central New York with his own hands and out of his own head. Can you say ‘spiritual guidance’? And we meet Kate and Maggie Fox, who may have been America’s earliest rap stars. The fabulous Fox sisters used secret rapping sounds to convince converts that they were communicating with the ‘other world.’ Anthony Damiani was a spiritual godfather to many young people in the university city of Ithaca. He doled out his visions of wisdom on Ithaca’s main street, and when done, raced fifty miles to his job as a New York State Thruway toll taker. These are just some of the sometimes incredible, sometimes bizarre, but always interesting people at the core of Upstate’s Spiritualism history. Godwin tells the story of a little-known historical chapter of the area with insight and great liveliness. As the author myself of a half dozen books about Upstate New York, I found this book irresistible and absorbing.” — Chuck D’Imperio, author of Unknown Museums of Upstate New York: A Guide to 50 Treasures “Destined to become the definitive book on eccentric religion in this geographical area, this is a fascinating account of unusual and inventive religious figures and movements. Sure-handed, even-tempered, and wry, Joscelyn Godwin is the ideal guide, and his book is one that all readers will want to have in hand as they explore this historically rich and important region. What’s more, it is an important book for understanding a vital part of American religious history.” — Arthur Versluis, author of American Gurus: From Transcendentalism to New Age Religion