Spontaneous Emission and Laser Oscillation in Microcavities

Spontaneous Emission and Laser Oscillation in Microcavities Author Hiroyuki Yokoyama
ISBN-10 0849337860
Year 1995-08-30
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher CRC Press

In spite of the increasing importance of microcavities, device physics or the observable phenomena in optical microcavities such as enhanced or inhibited spontaneous emission and its relation with the laser oscillation has not been systematically well-described-until now. Spontaneous Emission and Laser Oscillation in Microcavities presents the basics of optical microcavities. The volume is divided into ten chapters, each written by respected authorities in their areas. The book surveys several methods describing free space spontaneous emission and discusses changes in the feature due to the presence of a cavity. The effect of dephasing of vacuum fields on spontaneous emission in a microcavity and the effects of atomic broadening on spontaneous emission in an optical microcavity are examined. The book details the splitting in transmission peaks of planar microcavities containing semiconductor quantum wells. A simple but useful way to consider the change in the spontaneous emission rate from the viewpoint of mode density alteration by wavelength-sized cavities is provided. Authors also discuss the spontaneous emission in dielectric planar microcavities. Spontaneous emission in microcavity surface emitting lasers is covered, as are the effects of electron confinement in semiconductor quantum wells, wires, and boxes also given. The volume extends the controlling spontaneous emission phenomenon to laser oscillation. Starting from the Fermi golden rule, the microcavity laser rate equations are derived, and the oscillation characteristics are analyzed. Recent progress in optical microcavity experiments is summarized, and the applicability in massively optical parallel processing systems and demands for the device performance are explored. This volume is extremely useful as a textbook for graduate and postgraduate students and works well as a unique reference for researchers beginning to study in the field.

Learn to Play in the Orchestra Book 2

Learn to Play in the Orchestra  Book 2 Author Ralph Matesky
ISBN-10 1457445441
Pages 24
Language en
Publisher Alfred Music

Correlates with Learn to Play a Stringed Instrument or any other method, this series concentrates on the development of style and music appreciation. Contains a history of stringed instruments, biographies of composers plus duets, trios and full string orchestral arrangements of famous melodies.

Fanatical Schemes

Fanatical Schemes Author Patricia Roberts-Miller
ISBN-10 9780817356538
Year 2010-07-07
Pages 296
Language en
Publisher University of Alabama Press

"Fanatical Schemes" is a study of proslavery rhetoric in the 1830s.

Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate Author Carla Neggers
ISBN-10 9781488091384
Year 2017-11-01
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher MIRA

In a town of flamboyance, wealth and family feuds, a mystery of the past is about to resurface, in this classic romantic suspense by New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers. Despite her success as a young entrepreneur, Dani Pembroke is a haunted woman. Long ago her mother vanished without a trace, leaving Dani to live with her wealthy relatives, who have their own questionable pasts. Although the residents of Saratoga, New York, gossip that Lilli Pembroke’s disappearance will never be solved, Dani is confident that she will find the truth one day. That day draws near when security expert Zeke Cutler arrives in Saratoga. The two join forces in an effort to find out what really happened to Lilli Pembroke. But Dani is unaware that her fearless partner has his own reasons for uncovering the truth…and that their search is putting them on track to collide with a killer who will do anything to keep that secret buried. Originally published in 2008

Building Basic Therapeutic Skills

Building Basic Therapeutic Skills Author Jeanne Albronda Heaton
ISBN-10 UOM:39015041928873
Year 1998-04-03
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Jossey-Bass

Building Basic Therapeutic Skills is an essential handbook that provides the nuts-and-bolts inforJeanne Heaton provides guidance to the student therapist with a book that demonstrates both her humanity and wisdom. Of all those skills that she promotes, perhaps the most important is her profound respect for the client. --Michael J. Lambert, professor of psychology, Brigham Young University and coauthor of Assessing Outcome in Clinical Practice A valuable and essential textbook for mental health educators supervising practicum and internship students. I'll be using it as a textbook in my teaching at Ohio State University. ?Daniel R. Merz, Ph.D., L.P.C.C., counselor educator, The Ohio State University A masterful job of presenting the cumulative effects of the experience of a senior therapist into a clear and concise volume. ?John M. Sell, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Reedie & Co. Contains excellent and culturally sensitive examples of not only what to do but how to do it. ?Sheila Y. Williams, M.Ed., L.P.C.C., University Counselor/Private Practitioner and member, State of Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Board Testing Committee Chair, American Association of State Counseling Boards Clear, concise, and down-to-earth. . . . It belongs in the library, if not the hip pocket, of anyone who is studying to be a therapist or is just beginning to practice. This is the book I wish I had written. ?Steven Jay Lynn, Ph.D., professor of psychology, State University of New York at Binghamton A valuable resource for the student and beginning therapist. . . .an excellent review for the experienced therapist. --Barry G. Ginsberg, Ph.D., director, Center of Relationship Enhancement author of Relation Enhancement Family Therapy

America s New Allies

America s New Allies Author Janusz Bugajski
ISBN-10 089206482X
Year 2006
Pages 122
Language en
Publisher CSIS

In 2004, the European Union and NATO welcomed Central-East European nations into their ranks. As they blend in, these states are likely to be drawn closer to both Brussels and Washington. This report argues that Washington has an opportunity to strengthen its ties with the CEE states, but that the window of opportunity may be closing.

Trade Policy in the 1980s

Trade Policy in the 1980s Author William R. Cline
ISBN-10 0262030993
Year 1983
Pages 796
Language en
Publisher Peterson Institute

The twenty contributions in this book, by academics, former government officials, and businessmen address issues in the world trading system.

Two Days in July

Two Days in July Author Stig Dalager
ISBN-10 9781906791124
Year 2008
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher Arena books

This docu-drama presents the story of Claus von Stauffenberg's assassination and coup attempt against Hitler on 20th July 1944 with perhaps greater clarity and psychological insight than any straight factual account could succeed in conveying. Leading reviews from the Danish & German press - "The documentary-fiction of Stig Dalager is deeply fascinating as well as intriguing both as an elementary exciting tale and as a demonstration of the psychological and sociological factors which together influence human lives, and at some point with immense consequences for the world. The portrait of Hitler has an especially deep impact: the psychopath, whose illness makes him blind to the normal ethics of good and evil." Jyllandsposten "Dalager draws a penetrating portrait of Hitler and raises a wonderful memorial for the men who fought in vain against the evil." Der neue Tag Perhaps the Danish writer, Stig Dalager, found the real human being behind the hero's image. Punctually on the 60th anniversary at the end of June appeared the German translation of the novel Two Days in July. The days around the bomb attack are portrayed in two perspectives: Stauffenberg's and Hitler's. Dalager's Fuhrer is a pitiable almost whimpering figure, looking back to his childhood, and conscious of the prospect of his downfall. Parallel to that, the romantic Stauffenberg in his self-imposed role of hero, experiences delusions of grandeur, fanaticism, and contempt for Adolf Hitler, all going hand-in-hand psychologically in order for him to succeed in his mission. Stauffenberg is obsessed. The picture which emerges of him is less heroic or sympathetic than usually portrayed but because of that is more credible. Matthias Lohre in Das Parliament

In the Service of the Emperor

In the Service of the Emperor Author Edward J. Drea
ISBN-10 0803266383
Year 2003
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher U of Nebraska Press

Japan?s war in Asia and the Pacific from 1937 to 1945 continues to be a subject of great interest, yet the wartime Japanese army remains little understood outside Japan. Most published accounts rely on English-language works written in the 1950s and 1960s. The Japanese-language sources have remained relatively inaccessible to Western scholars in part because of the difficulty of the language, a difficulty that Edward J. Drea, who reads Japanese, surmounts. In a series of searching examinations of the structure, ethos, and goals of the Japanese military establishment, Drea offers new material on its tactics, operations, doctrine, and leadership. Based on original military documents, official histories, court diaries, and Emperor Hirohito?s own words, these twelve essays introduce Western readers to fifty years of Japanese scholarship about the war and Japan?s military institutions. In addition, Drea uses recently declassified Allied intelligence documents related to Japan to challenge existing views and conventional wisdom about the war.

The Parish of Hinton Waldrist

The Parish of Hinton Waldrist Author Peter Keene
ISBN-10 0948444398
Year 2000
Pages 56
Language en

The booklet may best be described as a combined village companion, guided walk and reference book. The emphasis is upon the way that life in the village has been transformed during the last century, both as remembered by long-standing inhabitants and, as the speed of change increases, by those who have joined the village community more recently. These changes have been dramatic and today, call into question the term village community.


Dynasties Author Jonathan Bliss
ISBN-10 0865931569
Year 1992
Pages 48
Language en
Publisher Rourke Publishing Group

Examines the few teams in professional football who consistently had championship seasons and excelled on the field.