The Persuaders

The Persuaders Author James Garvey
ISBN-10 9781848316980
Year 2016-02-04
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Icon Books Ltd

'A work of engaging pop philosophy and accessible social science [and] a boisterous dissection of the forces jellifying our minds' Sunday Times Includes brand new material covering the US election and Brexit Every day, many people will try to change your mind, but they won’t reason with you. Instead, you’ll be nudged, anchored, incentivised and manipulated in barely noticeable ways. It’s a profound shift in the way we interact with one another. Philosopher James Garvey explores the hidden story of persuasion and the men and women in the business of changing our minds. From the covert PR used to start the first Gulf War to the neuromarketing of products to appeal to our unconscious minds, he reveals the dark arts practised by professional persuaders. How did we end up with a world where beliefs are mass-produced by lobbyists and PR firms? Could Google or Facebook swing elections? Are new kinds of persuasion making us less likely to live happy, decent lives in an open, peaceful world? Is it too late, or can we learn to listen to reason again? The Persuaders is a call to think again about how we think now.

The Persuaders

The Persuaders Author S. John
ISBN-10 9781403907417
Year 2002-05-22
Pages 277
Language en
Publisher Springer

The impact of political lobbyists remains highly controversial. No-one has explored when they matter. This book tells readers when lobbyists count and analyses the relationship between lobbying, policy outcomes and the impact of external factors to reveal the professional lobbyist's limited effect on policy. On most policy issues lobbyists simply do not matter. But, on rare occasions lobbyists can make a difference and this book explains when they matter and why.

The Persuaders Guide To Eliminating Resistance And Getting Compliance

The Persuaders Guide To Eliminating Resistance And Getting Compliance Author Jack N. Raven
ISBN-10 9781310367199
Year 2015-09-17
Pages 48
Language en
Publisher JNR Publishing

If you are a Persuader (who isn't), this book can teach you techniques of persuasion that will allow you to navigate the persuasion, and make your offers (or get them to do what you want) while minimizing -- even com,pletely eliminating resistance from their heads! The goal of this book is to introduce a special way of looking and treating the persuasion process, so that resistances are targetted and neutralized, while giving you unprecedented leverage in how to control people much more smoothly and consistently. You can collect all the trial closes and fancy shmancy persuasion techniques in the world -- but if you lack the innergame or how to see the whole picture? You wont successfully persuade and get the Compliance (acceptance of offer, target makes the desired action etc.)! If you can master resistance? You can master persuasion! And No persuader can succeed without mastering neutralization of resistance. For my readers interested in subjects on how to be a Spy, or on how to be a Con artist? Well this book does not cover those subjects directly, HOWEVER to learn how to spy for example requires the skillsets of getting compliance and simple resistance management -- which are indeed covered in this book. ============== Table of Contents ============== Table of Contents I - Nature of the Offer Targets TRUE need for the offer The Size of the Compliance People don't like to be sold to Pull back tactics Safety/Dangers/Integrity II External Factors Influencing Resistance or Acceptance Time Based on you or offers past performance Presentation of yourself and offer Future Projections Speed Decision making Values/Social Conditionings/Family/Corporate Values etc… Buyers’ Remorse Targets personal criteria and metaprograms Target's stock knowledge and experience about the offer at hand Positive or Negative effects the perception of the offer directly Relationship Dynamics/Frame Prospect in relation to the item Persuader’s relationship with the offer 3rd Party Opinions Social Proof positive or negative Advisers and Invisible decision makers III Compliance or Resistance Logical resistance They don't like you personally They decided on another offer Emotional or State based/BT Baby steps leading, to sneak past resistance

The Hidden Persuaders

The Hidden Persuaders Author Vance Packard
ISBN-10 097884310X
Year 2007
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Ig Pub

A discussion of how modern advertising attempts to control our thoughts and desires in order to make us buy the products it produces. Exploring the use of consumer motivational research and other psychological techniques, including subliminal tactics, this book shows how advertisers secretly manipulate mass desire for consumer goods and products. In addition, Packard also discusses advertising in politics, predicting the way image and personality rapidly came to overshadow real issues in the televised age.


Persuader Author Lee Child
ISBN-10 9781407070315
Year 2008-09-23
Pages 544
Language en
Publisher Random House

Featuring Jack Reacher, hero of the blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise, in his most explosive adventure yet. Never forgive, never forget. Jack Reacher lives for the moment. Without a home. Without commitment. But he has a burning desire to right wrongs - and rewrite his own agonizing past. Never apologize. Never explain. When Reacher witnesses a brutal kidnap attempt, he takes the law into his own hands. But a cop dies. Has Reacher lost his sense of right and wrong?

Saints and Avengers

Saints and Avengers Author James Chapman
ISBN-10 1860647537
Year 2002-09-06
Pages 282
Language en
Publisher I.B.Tauris

British detective thrillers of the 1960s amused millions and are still shown internationally today. This book investigates these ironic, eccentric and knowingly stylish series and finds out in what way they represent the British idea of themselves.

Imperial Persuaders

Imperial Persuaders Author Anandi Ramamurthy
ISBN-10 0719063795
Year 2003-11-08
Pages 234
Language en
Publisher Manchester University Press

This text traces the historically changing image of non-white people in British advertising during the colonial period. It reveals the historical and production context of many advertising icons and also develops a detailed textual analysis of the images.

1972 Television Series Endings

1972 Television Series Endings Author Books, LLC
ISBN-10 1157500706
Year 2010-05
Pages 220
Language en
Publisher Books LLC, Wiki Series

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 58. Chapters: H.R. Pufnstuf, Bewitched, The Persuaders!, NHL on CBS, Please Sir!, My Three Sons, Callan, Mr Benn, Doomwatch, The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, Here Come the Double Deckers, Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp, Harlem Globetrotters, Ace of Wands, The Sixth Sense, Bearcats!, Jason King, Watch Mr. Wizard, The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show, The Bugaloos, New Moomin, The Bold Ones: The Lawyers, You Are There, Nichols, The D.A., The Funky Phantom, Budgie, Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, The World Tonight, O'Hara, U.S. Treasury, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, The Sandy Duncan Show, Deputy Dawg, Longstreet, Beat-Club, Dear Mother...Love Albert, Queenie's Castle, Whack-O!, Sealab 2020, Anna and the King, Cade's County, The Partners, The Good Life, Bright Promise, A Family at War, The Jimmy Stewart Show, Arnie, Getting Together, Balita Ngayon, Big News, Amateur's Guide to Love, Alexander the Greatest, The Funny Side, Thriller Theater, Super Laff-In, Alcock and Gander, Wunda Wunda, Straight from the Shoulder, The Shadow of the Tower, The Man and the City, A Class by Himself, Me and the Chimp, The News with Uncle Bob, Shirley's World. Excerpt: Bewitched is an American situation comedy originally broadcast for eight seasons on ABC from 1964 to 1972, starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York (1964-69) and Dick Sargent (1969-72), Agnes Moorehead, and David White. The show is about a witch who marries a mortal and tries to lead the life of a typical suburban housewife. Bewitched continues to be seen throughout the world in syndication and on DVD and was the longest-running supernatural-themed sitcom of the 1960s-1970s era. In 2002, Bewitched was ranked #50 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. A young-looking witch named Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) meets and marries a mortal named...

Alice Paul and the American Suffrage Campaign

Alice Paul and the American Suffrage Campaign Author Katherine H Adams
ISBN-10 9780252090349
Year 2010-10-01
Pages 296
Language en
Publisher University of Illinois Press

Past biographies, histories, and government documents have ignored Alice Paul's contribution to the women's suffrage movement, but this groundbreaking study scrupulously fills the gap in the historical record. Masterfully framed by an analysis of Paul's nonviolent and visual rhetorical strategies, Alice Paul and the American Suffrage Campaign narrates the remarkable story of the first person to picket the White House, the first to attempt a national political boycott, the first to burn the president in effigy, and the first to lead a successful campaign of nonviolence. Katherine H. Adams and Michael L. Keene also chronicle other dramatic techniques that Paul deftly used to gain publicity for the suffrage movement. Stunningly woven into the narrative are accounts of many instances in which women were in physical danger. Rather than avoid discussion of Paul's imprisonment, hunger strikes, and forced feeding, the authors divulge the strategies she employed in her campaign. Paul's controversial approach, the authors assert, was essential in changing American attitudes toward suffrage.

Dangerous Persuaders

Dangerous Persuaders Author Louise Samways
ISBN-10 0140235531
Year 1994-01-01
Pages 148
Language en
Publisher Penguin Books

Guide providing information about the way in which cults recruit members, and the mind-control techniques used to reinforce their messages. Offers advice to victims and their families, and suggestions for avoiding approaches by cult members. Includes a list of organisations involved in releasing members from cults, a bibliography and an index. The author is a practising psychologist whose other publications include 'Your Mindbody Energy'.

Life Inc

Life Inc Author Douglas Rushkoff
ISBN-10 9781446467787
Year 2011-03-31
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Random House

Douglas Rushkoff was mugged outside his apartment on Christmas Eve, but when he posted a friendly warning on his community website, the responses castigated him for potentially harming the local real-estate market. When did these corporate values overtake civic responsibilites? Rushkoff examines how corporatism has become an intrinsic part of our everyday lives, choices and opinions. He demonstrates how this system created a world where everything can be commodified, where communities have dissolved into consumer groups, where fiction and reality have become fundamentally blurred. And, with this system on the verge of collapse, Rushkoff shows how the simple pleasures that make us human can also point the way to freedom.

The Context of Human Discourse

The Context of Human Discourse Author Eugene Edmond White
ISBN-10 0872498174
Year 1992
Pages 307
Language en
Publisher Univ of South Carolina Press

Offers a way of looking at rhetoric that is more comprehensive, more realistic, & more rewarding than current views.

The Strategic Web Designer

The Strategic Web Designer Author Christopher Butler
ISBN-10 9781440315022
Year 2012-09-19
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher HOW Books

Presents advice for designing web sites, discussing how to plan web projects, organize information in a meaningful way, optimize content, and use analytics to measure performance and customer satisfaction.